Suzhou Sunway Dyes & Chemicals Co., Ltd
Liquid metal complex dyes
Wood Applications
Wood coloring treatment process
1) Preparation of Wood: Sunway liquid dye 1-10%, solvent 30% -40%, 40-60% resin, additives 0-5%
2) coating: primer treatment, which already contains a colorant
3) worn cilia: After coating under the paint dry, use sandpaper to make wood surfaces substantially flat
4) coating: painted primer, paint thickness increase
5) Polishing: After the coating paint dry, use sandpaper (# 200-400) abrasive surface so smooth wood surfaces
6) painted: painting of the final project, the choice of a suitable transparent topcoat, slightly lower than the viscosity of the primer
7) Drying: the wood after the coloring treatment in a ventilated, dry place to dry naturally



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